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registration desk & exhibits open at 8am
join us for breakfast with exhibitors (hosted by BMI) from 8am-9am
Thank you to The Book Manufacturers’ Institute for hosting Thursday's breakfast!


Book Manufacturing in 2023 and Beyond (Courtyard Ballroom)

Hear from our panel as they discuss how their businesses have changed from pre-pandemic into 2023. They will explore the ways publishers, printers and suppliers must work together to navigate the book industry today, tomorrow and beyond. Panelists: Angela Engel (The Collective Book Studio), Bill Rojack (Midland Paper), Joe Upton (Gasch Printing), Tim Hewitt (Friesens); Moderator: Matt Baehr (Executive Director, BMI).


Publisher, Printer, and Supplier Roundtables (Courtyard Ballroom)

Join fellow publishers, printers and suppliers in roundtable discussions regarding the top things keeping you up at night about the book industry, as well as potential solutions to those issues.


Take a break & meet with exhibitors (Courtyard Ballroom)


Lunch and the Jack D. Rittenhouse Award presentation (Courtyard Ballroom)


Concurrent Workshops

How to Read Your Market (South Room - 3rd floor)

The publishing industry is no stranger to shake-ups: consolidations and mergers, shifts in consumer behavior and purchasing models, and new and ever-evolving technology. In this workshop, experts across the industry discuss the resources and tools they use to navigate change, make critical business decisions, and put their toolkits to the test in real-world role-play scenarios. Panelists: Joe Biel (Microcosm Publishing), Richard T. Williams (Independent Publishers Group), Robert Sindelar (Third Place Books), Bob Durgy (BR Printers); Moderator: Sidney Thompson (Independent Publishers Group).

Publishing & Accessibility (Courtyard Ballroom)

Accessibility is becoming a higher priority for publishers and readers. In this session we shall discuss ways to think about and implement this important work. Panelists: Rachel Done Cubillas and Rebekah Borucki (Row House Publishing); Moderator: Cynthia Sherry (Chicago Review Press).


Take a break & meet with exhibitors (Courtyard Ballroom)

concurrent with

Listening Party for Academic and University Press Colleagues (East Room)


Keynote Address: The Assault on Books in Schools and Libraries (Courtyard Ballroom)

Join us for this examination of the state of freedom of speech in the publishing industry, including areas where it is under pressure and what you can do to push back! Keynote Speaker Christopher Finan has been a free speech activist for over 40 years and currently heads the National Coalition Against Censorship. He has also written extensively on the history of free speech in the United States. His latest book is How Free Speech Saved Democracy: The Untold History of How the First Amendment Became an Essential Tool for Securing Liberty and Social Justice.

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Offsite social at Little Oddfellows, 1521 10th Ave, Seattle, inside Elliott Bay Book Company
Snacks are included and beverages may be purchased onsite.






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