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join us for coffee & pastries with exhibitors from 8:30am-9:30am


Keynote Address: Crisis Management, Room: TBA
No one can predict when and how a crisis will erupt, which is why having a crisis communications plan is an essential component of leadership. With pub dates, advances, reputations on the line, how do you prepare for a crisis? Join us to learn from a seasoned communications professional how publishers can prepare a crisis communication plan


Concurrent Sessions

HR Practices, Room: TBA
This session will focus on HR practices for your publishing house, whether you have an HR or organizational development staff person or not! Learn about best practices for performance management and staff development training.

Publishers & Libraries, Room: TBA
What publishers need to know about leveraging relationships with libraries and librarians. Learn how to interact, how to sell, and what is trending in the library market.


2022 Book Design Awards presentation and Lunch, Room: TBA


Concurrent Sessions

DEI and or Indigenous Voices, Room: TBA
Publishing with and for Indigenous cultures. How to appropriately represent and respect the voices, cultures and tradition of Indigenous peoples . Make sure their voices are heard and not appropriated.

Collaborating with Booksellers to Best Reach Consumers, Room: TBA
Hear from booksellers how they are reaching consumers and how publishers can support their efforts. Let's talk about how we can work together in this ever-changing landscape!


Take a break & meet with exhibitors, Room: TBA


Concurrent Sessions

Special Sales: Sales Outside of Traditional Book, Room: TBA
Looking at sales beyond the bookstore in a Post-Covid world. Since the beginning of COVID, we've seen more gift and non-traditional stores selling books. How do publishers maximize this?

Speedy Spiels on COLLABORATION, Room: TBA
10 Speakers, 5 minutes each, speaking to the topic: COLLABORATION, anyhow, any way they choose. The perennial conference favorite Speedy Spiels is back to close out your week at PubWest. Don't miss it, because we'll beat a direct path from Speedy Spiels to the closing reception!


Closing Reception, Room: TBA






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