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about pubwest 

PubWest is a vibrant, dynamic trade association of small-medium-sized book publishers, printers, editors, distributors, graphic designers, binderies, and related service companies. Established in 1977 as the Rocky Mountain Book Publishers Association, PubWest is dedicated to helping member book publishers succeed and has grown to include members in nearly every US state and multiple countries.

Members have opportunities nearly every month to meet in person or via phone through member Roundtable conference calls.

PubWest produces industry-leading professional development programs through its Roundtables, networking events, and its Annual Conference.

The association works to secure discounts on popular industry services through its member discounts program.

By engaging publisher and associate members on its programming committees, PubWest helps members get the most from their membership. 

The PubWest Awards programs recognize industry innovators, those who have influenced publishing in the West, exemplary book design and production, and extraordinary service to PubWest and its membership.

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Our association is a trade organization established in 1977 as the Rocky Mountain Book Publishers Association, a professional group to serve the needs of its members and as a forum for the discussion of publishing issues.

Our membership ranges from small independent presses to publishing companies with worldwide operations. Our associate members include printers, designers, binderies, and publishing freelancers. Membership is based primarily in the western United States and Canada.

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