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anti-HARASSMENT policy


  1. Introduction

    Publishers Association of the West, a non-profit corporation (PubWest), is committed to providing a friendly, inclusive, positive, and respectful environment for all those who participate in PubWest meetings, events and other activities.

    As an organization whose mission is to support the diverse book publishing industry, the PubWest Board of Directors believes it is important and part of our commitment to set out and communicate PubWest’s Anti-Harassment Policy.

    This Anti-Harassment Policy sets forth PubWest’s expectations of conduct from all participants -- attendees, spouses of attendees, exhibitors, vendors, PubWest’s Executive Director, PubWest staff, venue staff, and others -- at PubWest meetings, events and other activities.

    In general, PubWest expects participants to exercise common sense to foster a positive and respectful environment and experience for all other participants. Set forth below are common sense examples of conduct which is expected and unacceptable under this Policy. 

  2. Expected Conduct

    Do not engage in conduct that is unacceptable under Section 3 of this Policy below.

    Do show consideration and respect for others.

    Do not engage in discriminatory, harassing, or threatening speech or conduct.

    Be aware of your surroundings and those around you, including if you notice someone at an event who does not seem to be an actual participant but rather appears to have dropped in uninvited.

    Immediately tell PubWest’s Executive Director, other PubWest staff, or a present PubWest Board Member if you observe a participant in distress, observe actions which violate this Policy, or otherwise observe a situation that does not seem safe or respectful to others. 

  3. Unacceptable Conduct

    Intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, or demeaning speech or actions in any respect.

    Harmful or prejudicial comments or visual images as to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, disability, age, appearance, or other personal characteristics.

    Inappropriate use of, or solicitation of, nudity and/or sexual images in public spaces or presentations.

    Disruption of presentations.

    Unwelcome or uninvited contact.

    Unwelcome sexual advances or offers.

    Threat of physical, verbal, emotional and/or professional harm. Excessive swearing or offensive jokes. 

  4. Addressing Unacceptable Conduct

    In the event that a participant or other person engages in unacceptable conduct at a PubWest event, PubWest’s Executive Director, other PubWest staff or present PubWest Board Members are authorized to take such actions as they determine are necessary and appropriate to responsibly, safely and peacefully address the unacceptable conduct. Such actions may include requesting that the offending participant or person remove himself or herself from the event.

    If requested or if it appears necessary, PubWest’s Executive Director, other PubWest staff or a present PubWest Board Member will also contact venue security and/or law enforcement to address the situation and assist the participant experiencing the unacceptable conduct.

    If you are the subject of unacceptable conduct or observe another participant who is the subject of unacceptable conduct, please immediately tell PubWest’s Executive Director, other PubWest staff or a PubWest Board Member. At most events, including at PubWest’s annual conference, PubWest’s Executive Director, PubWest staff and Board Members are identified by name badges.

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