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board of directors

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President: Colleen Dunn Bates
Prospect Park Books
Altadena, CA

Vice President: Miriam Warren
Publications Manager
No Nonsense Fly Fishing Guidebooks | California Bill’s Automotive Handbooks
Tucson, AZ

Secretary: Rachel Bell
VP/ Operations / Marketing
Overcup Press, LLC
Portland, OR

Treasurer: Arielle Kesweder
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
1333 Broadway, Suite 1000
Oakland, CA  94612

President Emeritus: Bill Fessler
American Traveler Press
Phoenix, AZ 85012


Tim Hewitt (Associate Member Liaison)
Sales Representative
Friesens America
Thornton, CO

Joe Matthews
Chief Executive Officer
Chicago Review Press
Chicago, IL

Amy Barrett-Daffin
C&T Publishing
Concord, CA

Leigh McDonald
Art Director
University of Arizona Press
Tucson, AZ

Helena Brantley
Red Pencil Publicity + Marketing
San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Newens
Publishing Director
West Margin Press
Berkeley, CA

Karen Bullock
Managing Proofreader
Sounds True
Louisville, CO

Rachel Noorda
Director of Book Publishing / Assistant Professor
Ooligan Press
Portland, OR

Don Gorman
RMB| Rocky Mountain Books
Victoria, BC

Jessica Powers
Catalyst Press
Livermore, CA

Brad Lyons
President and Publisher
Christian Board of Publication/Chalice Press
St. Louis, MO

Jon R. Tandler, Esq. (General Counsel)
Sherman & Howard L.L.C.
Denver, CO

pubwest committeeS

Interested in volunteering with a committee?  Email the PubWest Executive Director today! 

Awards CommitteeThis committee compiles and vets nominations for the Jack D. Rittenhouse Award and the PubWest Hall of Fame puts forward a recommendation to the Board of Directors for each one. 

Design Awards Committee
Promotes the importance of superior book design and outstanding production. This committee is responsible for organizing and improving the Awards program each year, including reviewing each year’s program, discussing and implementing new ideas, and assisting with judging the entries.

Conference Committee
Did you enjoy the PubWest Conference? Have any new ideas for sessions or speakers? Join PubWest's Conference Committee and help plan a future conference! Planning begins each March and we need active committee members who will help determine the session topics and keynote speakers.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee
Promotes DEI best practices within the PubWest organization. Members of this committee are called in to engage in the difficult and rewarding work of driving PubWest to become a diverse, inclusive, anti-racist organization by examining current practices and challenging underlying assumptions. We ask our members to bring this perspective into their other committee work to create meaningful change throughout the organization.

Finance Committee
This committee works with the Executive Director to set annual budgets that are in alignment with PubWest’s strategic goals and reviews monthly financials to ensure consistency with the budget and other approved expenses.

Marketing Committee
This committee is responsible for supporting other committees’ outreach both to current members and to potential new members of PubWest, driving participation in programs, and providing high-quality information about the association. The marketing committee is active year-round.

Membership and Nominating CommitteeDevelops membership goals, a plan to achieve these goals, and a slate of nominees for the association’s Board of Directors and officers. Committee members also aid in calling for membership renewals, and promote and encourage membership in PubWest among peers in the publishing industry and in related industries.

Professional Development Committee
Plans and hosts regional & online events to bring PubWest members together for collegiality. Committee members help plan gatherings, educational sessions, and happy hours to promote networking. This committee allows members to connect with one another in both casual and professional capacities. The events foster connection and provide opportunities for continuing education in the industry.

Strategic Planning Committee
The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) will develop an organization-wide plan on behalf of and in consultation with the PubWest executive committee and board of directors, with input from the membership as needed. The goal of the resulting plan is to guide the association in its quest to grow its publisher membership and create programs and benefits of value to the members. The SPC will oversee, monitor, and report on the implementation of the strategic plan; communicate its goals and processes to the general membership; and encourage members and other committees to take an active role in helping PubWest achieve its strategic goals. 

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