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Now (through 1/31/2023) accepting nominations for the 2023 Board Election - click here.

board of directors

About the Board: The PubWest Board varies from 9-16 people, roughly 75% publisher members and 25% associate members (printers, distributors, publicists, etc.). Terms run three years and meetings are 4 times a year: February, May, August, and November. Board meetings last 2-4 hours. This is a working board, so board members are asked to serve on a committee, most often in a leadership position, lead periodic meetings, and communicate committee work to their fellow board members. Additionally, the board recruits new members to PubWest and helps identify and make introductions to potential sponsors.


President: Miriam Warren
The Fisher Company
Tucson, AZ

Vice President: Rachel Bell
VP/ Operations / Marketing
Overcup Press, LLC
Portland, OR

Secretary: Leigh McDonald

Art Director

University of Arizona Press
Tucson, AZ

Treasurer: Amy Barrett-Daffin
C&T Publishing
Concord, CA


Helena Brantley
Red Pencil Publicity + Marketing
San Francisco, CA

David Hetherington

VP - Global Business Development

Books International

Dulles, VA

Cevin Bryerman
Publishers Weekly
New York, NY

Curtis Key

VP, Business Development

Books International

Havertown, PA

Karen Bullock
Managing Editor
Sounds True
Louisville, CO

Jessica Powers
Catalyst Press
El Paso, TX

Jane Ferreyra


University of Nebraska Press

Lincoln, NE

Courtney Schonfeld

Senior Manager, Production & Audio

Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Oakland, CA

Michelle Halket
Central Avenue Publishing

Delta, BC, Canada

Kristi Switzer


Brewers Publications

Boulder, CO

Leah Hernandez
Young Authors Publishing
Atlanta, GA

Ryan T. Shaffer (General Counsel)

Sherman & Howard L.L.C.
Denver, CO

pubwest committeeS

Interested in volunteering with a committee?  Fill out this form today! 

Awards Committee
In addition to organizing and improving the Book Design Awards program each year, this committee compiles and vets nominations for the Jack D. Rittenhouse Award, the PubWest Hall of Fame, and PubWest's Scholarship program and puts forward a recommendation to the Board of Directors for each one. 

Conference Committee
Did you enjoy the PubWest Conference? Have any new ideas for sessions or speakers? Join PubWest's Conference Committee and help plan a future conference! Planning begins each March and we need active committee members who will help determine the session topics and keynote speakers.

Membership/DEI Committee

Develops membership goals and a plan to achieve these goals. The committee promotes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion best practices within the PubWest organization and among peers in the publishing industry and in related industries, and works to ensure a representative membership and board.

Professional Development Committee

Plans and hosts regional & online events to bring PubWest members together for collegiality. Committee members help plan gatherings, educational sessions, and happy hours to promote networking. This committee allows members to connect with one another in both casual and professional capacities. The events foster connection and provide opportunities for continuing education in the industry.

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