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PubWest Book Design Awards Categories for 2022

  1. Adult Trade Book—Illustrated
    The illustrations are a primary focus of the book, with the text playing an equal or secondary role. Note: Please submit non-art books in this category. 

  2. Adult Trade Book—Non-illustrated
    Examples include, but are not limited to, traditional 6” x 9” or similar-size tomes that are primarily text and are meant to be read cover to cover, including fiction and nonfiction. If images are included, they should be limited to illustrations for chapter openers, occasional photos or artwork throughout text, and/ or special sections.

  3. Children’s/Young Adult Books
    Includes illustrated, primarily text, or wordless. Not limited to a page count restriction.
  4. Academic/Non-Trade Book
    Books should be intended first and foremost for students or to be used in an academic setting. However, they may have trade appeal as well. Entries should include basic elements such as reference sections, footnotes, and bibliographies. 

  5. Guide/Travel Book
    Examples include identification guides on a variety of topics as well as field and travel guides. 

  6. How-to/Crafts Book
    Examples include books that are intended to instruct readers on different methods and techniques relative to a specific project/craft. 

  7. Cookbook
    Entries in this category should have the intent of aiding readers in cooking or preparing food. Books can be one- to four-color and may or may not include illustrations/photography. 

  8. Photography Book
    A book whose subject matter is photography.
  9. Art Book
    A book whose subject matter is fine art.
  10. Sports/Fitness/Recreation Book
    Any book whose subject is a specific sport, general fitness, or recreation activities, geared to athletes or general-interest readers. Books can be instructional, informational, or historical in content. There is no restriction on the ratio of photography/artwork to text. 

  11. Reference Book
    Books in this category are generally one- and two-color works whose purpose for publication is to provide information in an organized manner. Reference books are generally not read cover to cover but are referred to when a reader is looking for specific information. Examples include almanacs, directories, and handbooks. 

  12. Short Stories/Poetry/Anthologies
    Entries in this category generally contain collections of writings by either a single author or multiple authors. Front and back matter may include contributor biographies, further readings, chronologies, and permissions. 

  13. Gift/Holiday/Specialty Book
    Entries in this category are generally books that have unique subject matter, design elements, and bindery that are not standard to trade books. 

  14. Historical/Biographical Book 
    Entries should exhibit an appropriate balance of text and supporting graphics to thoroughly describe the subject matter of the book. 

  15. Graphic Album – New or Previously Published Material
    A graphic album (sometimes referred to as a graphic novel) consists of a story told with graphics or images, much like a comic book with a number of panels on each page and text within the image panels. This category is for books with material appearing for the first time as well as books with material that has been previously published in another format, such as a comic book or a newspaper, and is collected in one volume for the first time. 

  16. Book/Jacket Cover – Small Format (6 x 9 inches or smaller) Books of any genre/category with strong shelf appeal and use of design, photography, artwork, and/or typography to enhance the subject matter. 

  17. Book/Jacket Cover Large Format (larger than 6 x 9 inches) Books of any genre/category with strong shelf appeal and use of design, photography, artwork, and/or typography to enhance the subject matter. 

** Special! If you are submitting a title into another category, you can select "Book/Jacket Cover Add On" as your registration type when entering that same title into the Book/Jacket Cover category. If you are ONLY entering the Book/Jacket Cover category then proceed with the regular member/non-member fee.

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